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May 2013 Archives

Lack of safety feature on saws leads to worker injuries

In every job there are a variety of ways in which a worker could be injured. For construction workers in North Carolina, injuries may be incurred while working with power tools such as saws. All too often workers suffer serious lacerations or even amputations of fingers when something goes wrong while cutting a piece of wood. When this happens, it is possible that the worker will seek benefits via a workers' compensation claim.

Excessive use of opioids by injured workers a national problem

When a work accident leaves a North Carolina worker with an injury that makes it impossible to do one's job, it is highly likely that the injured worker will seek workers' compensation benefits. Among other things, the benefits serve to alleviate the financial burden that accumulates as that person heals. Workers who receive workers' compensation benefits are unable to immediately return to their job after suffering an injury related to their job are often in a lot of pain.

Machine accident at North Carolina hog plant injures woman's arm

It is fair to say that no worker in the state of North Carolina is prepared to be injured as a part of their job. Despite this, such injuries occur on a regular basis. While in some cases the injuries suffered are minor, in others, they are catastrophic. One such incident occurred earlier this month at a hog plant located in the state.

Injuries common for dancers on popular reality program

Viewers throughout the nation, including in North Carolina, look forward to tuning in each week to the hit reality program "Dancing With the Stars." While many likely think about the show strictly as entertainment, the reality is the stage the stars and their partners dance on each week is a workplace. So too is the studio in which they practice.

Farm workers face injuries and illnesses daily

It is doubtful that many people think about the source of their food when they sit down to eat a meal. Those who do ponder it are likely focused on where the food came from and whether it is organic or genetically modified. There is another factor that could influence food choices for residents of North Carolina, however. That factor is the safety procedures in place to protect workers producing the food we eat.

Fire at North Carolina propane facility hospitalizes 3 workers

Workplace injuries occur all too often in North Carolina. While in some cases the injured workers completely recover without any lasting consequences, in others, pain and scarring linger long after the incident that produced them. An injury that typically falls into the latter category is burns. These on-the-job injuries are most likely to occur in situations where workers are exposed to flammable materials.

Aggravation of preexisting condition prompts workers' comp

Most are probably aware that under many circumstances injuries suffered while working are eligible for workers' compensation benefits. But what if the part of the body injured in a work place incident suffered damage in a previous incident outside of the workplace? Recently the North Carolina Court of Appeals addressed this very issue. It determined that in certain situations, the aggravation of a preexisting injury did not necessarily preclude the receipt of workers' compensation benefits

Preemptive action may prevent carpal tunnel

There are many situations in which a worker may suffer an injury related to his or her work In North Carolina. While serious injuries often occur after a catastrophic accident, each day workers who routinely engage in the same activity over-and-over could be working themselves toward more than just a paycheck. They may be putting themselves at risk for carpal tunnel as well.

Construction worker injured on the job

Imagine that you are working, as you do every day. All of a sudden, something goes wrong. One moment you are just doing your job, and all of a sudden, you are struck by scaffolding. This sounds a bit dramatic, but it happened to a construction worker in another state.

More North Carolina workers died last year than thought

Many residents in the state of North Carolina may have taken pride in the news that in 2012, only 35 individuals died while working. Though this is the number reported by the North Carolina Department of Labor regarding injured workers who died, the National Council on Occupational Safety and Health apparently does not find it to be accurate. It recently released a report that while acknowledging the number of deaths related to workplace incidents is down, indicated they were still close to three times as many as the report released by the N.C. Department of Labor.

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