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Preemptive action may prevent carpal tunnel

On Behalf of | May 3, 2013 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries

There are many situations in which a worker may suffer an injury related to his or her work In North Carolina. While serious injuries often occur after a catastrophic accident, each day workers who routinely engage in the same activity over-and-over could be working themselves toward more than just a paycheck. They may be putting themselves at risk for carpal tunnel as well.

Carpal tunnel often makes its presence known when a worker experiences issues with getting a grip on an object or being able to pinch. Weakness or numbness in a worker’s hands could also be an indication that the worker has carpal tunnel. These issues are due to injuries suffered to a worker’s nerves in his or her wrists or hands.

Some of the individuals most at risk for this injury are those who perform the same motion repeatedly such as in a factory setting. It also can affect otherwise sedentary workers who spend a lot of time working with computers, typing and maneuvering a mouse.

The best ways for workers in an office setting to stave off carpal tunnel is to pay attention to the position of his or her body. In addition to sitting up straight and keeping one’s gaze forward, reducing compression on one’s wrists by keeping them in a neutral position is also a good idea. Placing one’s feet flat on the floor and positioning elbows close to the body also helps to keep the condition at bay.

As is the case in other injuries suffered by workers in a workplace setting, workers in all types of workplaces who find themselves dealing with carpal tunnel may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Such a situation could arise should the syndrome become so serious that it makes it impossible to work for a while.

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