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August 2013 Archives

8 North Carolina workers suffer construction injuries

Construction industry jobs often offer good pay during the building season. However, this type of work can also include employees suffering from construction injuries. One such incident at a North Carolina high school has caused several workers to be injured.

North Carolina scaffolding collapses: 8 injured at high school

Construction workers are typically aware of the increased risk of dangers that come from working in their industry. Dangers run the gamut from being injured while running dangerous equipment to scaffolding collapses when working above the ground. One recent scaffolding collapse led to eight workers suffering various injuries at a North Carolina high school. The construction workers were busy adding to an extension at McDowell High School in Marion.

North Carolina farm workers exposed to toxic substances

While a work injury can occur for employees in almost any occupation, those who work with heavy equipment or perform strenuous manual labor typically have more of a risk than others. Equipment can malfunction, and employees could potentially be exposed to toxic substances. If employers do not stay up-to-date on improvements and replacements, defective equipment can cause devastating injuries. If employers are found in violation of not replacing hazardous equipment or providing proper training, they could face fines as well as possible workers' compensation claims.

Negligence of the employer can result in citations, fines

As many North Carolina readers may be aware, Wal-mart is one of the top employers in the U.S. Recently, the company was fined $190,000 by the federal OSHA for workplace safety violations found at one store located outside our state. While there are no reports of injuries as a result of these violations, negligence of the employer may have dire consequences for workers. In this case, Wal-mart is making changes to improve employee safety at nearly 2,600 Wal-mart and Sam's Club stores nationwide.

Worker's family could receive workers' compensation benefits

Everyone is horrified by the news of the death of a coworker. They sympathize with surviving family members and provide their condolences. However, few people consider the realities of life without a family member beyond the emotional devastation. Fortunately, states such as North Carolina require employers to provide workers' compensation benefits for their employees in case they are injured or killed while they are completing their job responsibilities. The family of a deceased man will likely qualify for such benefits after a tragic accident took the life of their loved one.

No violations in North Carolina accident that injured worker

When a work accident results in injury or death, state or federal investigators usually step in to determine if there were any safety violations. Occupational Safety and Health Administration officials in its North Carolina Division wrapped up an investigation recently while an injured worker recovers from a well-drilling accident that occurred in July. The investigation did not turn up any violations.

Seriousness of injured worker injuries is measured by study

For what it may be worth, a recent study reviewed data from the 2011 United States Department of Labor Statistics. This study reviews the data for North Carolina and all other states, and identifies the most dangerous industries by location. The determination is based on the rates of injuries that are serious enough to require an actual job switch or major change or restriction of responsibilities. The study thus pinpoints where a worker might have the better chance of becoming an injured worker with a more serious work injury.

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