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March 2013 Archives

Health care worker injuries common throughout nation

There is likely a perception throughout the state of North Carolina that construction workers, or others who work in industrial settings, are the most prone to workplace injuries. The reality however, is while the injuries suffered in those types of workplaces are often very traumatic they are not the most common. Believe it or not, health care workers are the most prone to suffering an injury in the course of completing tasks related to their job.

Workplace accidents involving children often not investigated

Most residents of North Carolina probably do not spend a lot of time thinking about the jobs that are held by young people in the state. Nonetheless, a fair amount of workers to whom child labor laws apply, are employed in the state. Recently, a study into the number of deaths involving these young workers in the state of North Carolina was conducted by researchers at a university in a neighboring state.

Less sleep due to time change translates into more work accidents

With the recent time change due to Daylight Savings, it is likely that many in the Piedmont Triad area welcomed the addition day light toward the end of the day. While the impact of the moving the hands of the clock forward one hour is often deemed to be positive, the loss of an hour could have a negative ramifications as well. This is particularly true when it comes to its impact on workers. A study conducted several years ago supports this.

Will virtual training reduce forklift accidents in North Carolina?

No one gets up in the morning and heads to work thinking that he or she will be hurt while completing a task in connection with their job. Nonetheless, this does happen regularly in the state of North Carolina. Depending on one's occupation, the injuries incurred can be serious. Most employers know that training is a vital component to maintaining a safe workplace. Accordingly, in many settings they are commonplace.

North Carolina reporter recovering after being hit by car

News reporters throughout the state of North Carolina are used to telling the news, not becoming it. They travel around the state to cover stories as they happen. Earlier this year one North Carolina news reporter was seriously injured when as she stood outside reporting on a storm, she was hit by a car.

North Carolina tree cutter suffers serious injuries in accident

There are many ways a worker could be injured while working. Each day workers throughout the state of North Carolina find themselves facing that reality. Some are hurt due to repetitive stress injuries. Others are injured due to falls. In occupations where large pieces of machinery are involved, workers may find themselves caught or parts of their bodies crushed. In still other situations, individuals are hurt when an object falls upon them.

Workers vulnerable without proper hazardous waste training

Recently neighbors to a powder coating services company were shocked to learn about the hazardous waste contained at the business. The waste was uncovered during an inspection conducted by state officials that was prompted by an anonymous tip. Among other things, a liquid described as corrosive was seen seeping into the ground.

Worker with Hepatitis A could have infected coworkers

While workplace injuries can lead to workers throughout the state of North Carolina missing time at work, it is even more common for workers to miss work to recover from illnesses obtained while working. When the illness is serious, and requires a longer period of time to recover, workers may be able to seek workers' compensation benefits. Generally illnesses such as the flu that may have been acquired at work are not included.

School employee shot in the leg during handgun safety class

The tragic school shooting that occurred last December was the latest in a series of violent events to take place in American schools. No matter which side of the gun debate you find yourself on, every parent in North Carolina and across the country agrees that something must be done to keep our children safe.

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