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North Carolina reporter recovering after being hit by car

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2013 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries

News reporters throughout the state of North Carolina are used to telling the news, not becoming it. They travel around the state to cover stories as they happen. Earlier this year one North Carolina news reporter was seriously injured when as she stood outside reporting on a storm, she was hit by a car.

The car that struck the woman had collided with another one in a nearby intersection. Due to the bad weather, the traffic light that normally controlled that intersection was not working. The force of that impact sent one of the automobiles up onto the sidewalk where the 24-year-old woman was standing.

As a result of the incident the woman was seriously injured. Though recovering from injuries to various parts of her body including her back, pelvis and shoulder, she is not yet walking and must use a wheelchair to get around. She also fractured her skull. As a part of her recovery, the reporter is doing physical therapy.

The woman is not working while she recovers, though she expects to walk soon and plans to return to her job as soon as she is able. In the meantime, it is highly likely that she has applied for workers’ compensation benefits to help cover the expenses she is surely accumulating. The extent of the benefits available to her would be dependent on how the workers’ compensation commission evaluates her injuries.

These benefits must be applied for via a workers’ compensation claim. For a wide variety of reasons the claims are not always initially accepted. In these situations, injured workers often find the assistance of a workers’ compensation lawyer helpful.

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