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Workers' compensation benefits payable for work-related death

A crush injury at work can be caused by faulty machinery or operator error. It may be important to know which one because if it's faulty machinery there may be a third-party tort claim against the machine's manufacturer for compensation over and above workers' compensation. In the reported case, which occurred in a state other than North Carolina, what's clear at this time is that workers' compensation benefits are payable to the family of a deceased worker killed in a workplace accident.

Construction sites prone to accidents in North Carolina

Construction workers should be especially careful while working. Construction sites are usually filled with heavy machinery and large vehicles which could cause injury. Therefore these sites have a higher chance of workers experiencing injuries in North Carolina and other states. One man recently found this out the hard way when he was killed while employed at a construction site.

Workplace safety: McDonald's employees aren't 'loving it'

There is a basic set of conditions that must be met to ensure the safety and health of employees -- no matter the industry. In North Carolina, summers can get blistering hot, so many indoor work environments may need to be equipped with an air conditioner to prevent workers from falling ill due to heat-related conditions.

North Carolina heat could lead to workers' compensation benefits

As summer continues to reign over the country, it is important for workers everywhere to understand the risks of working out in extreme heat. A heat-related illness can occur very quickly, and if a person does not recognize the signs of becoming overheated, the results can be fatal. It is important for employers to ensure that their workers are taking necessary precautions in order to stay healthy and hydrated while working in high temperatures. If employers become lax in their precautions, they could be faced with paying workers' compensation benefits.

Exposure to toxic materials possible in North Carolina schools

A school district in North Carolina has said that it's time for some asbestos abatement. According to reports, of the 91 buildings in the school district, 30 of the schools and 11 of the administration buildings are going to need the work done. The school district denies that any teachers, staff or students have suffered exposure to toxic materials.

SPX conducts training to limit work-related injuries

SPX Transformer Solutions, Inc. will be conducting its annual safety training in North Carolina this year. One of the things they will be focusing on is training for confined spaces in order to limit work-related injuries for both workers and rescuers. This type of training is crucial since accidents in confined spaces often lead to several people being injured.

As Cirque du Soleil comes to North Carolina, safety issues linger

Cirque du Soleil is internationally renowned for producing spell-binding shows. However, the performing troupe is currently receiving headlines for something much more serious. In June, a stage performer fell 50 feet to her death during a show. While Cirque du Soleil is performing in North Carolina this month, there is particular attention being paid to workplace safety measures being taken for the performers.

North Carolina families can seek workers' compensation benefits

Some North Carolina residents work jobs that are considered to be innately dangerous. Some jobs, on the other hand, are considered relatively safe. However, it is a sad reality that almost any job, in any city, can result in injury or death -- dependent upon certain circumstances. When workplace injuries occur, victims may become eligible for workers' compensation benefits. Recently, an employee for John Deere passed away from injuries sustained in a forklift accident.

OSHA targets grain industry to limit risk of an injured worker

Farming is a vital part of American life. Anything that can be done to help reduce the reports of another injured worker would benefit the farming business in all states, including North Carolina. Many states are working with OSHA to prevent farming accidents, especially in the grain industry.

North Carolina workers' compensation benefits overpriced?

Any worker that has become seriously ill or injured on the job has hopefully experienced workers' compensation benefits in action. Not having to worry too much about medical expenses or pay while temporarily off a job can certainly help put an employee's mind at ease. However, one recent study has analyzed numerous states, including North Carolina, and determined that workers' compensation benefits often paid much more for medical procedures than what is actually necessary.

Barn construction site accidents can affect North Carolina

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is the agency that is typically called upon when construction site accidents happen. Accidents can occur during the construction of buildings, houses or even barns. An accident occurred recently at Texas A&M's equine barn, and due to the amount of farms in North Carolina, this accident could affect the citizens of this state as well. Five workers were injured, and as with other serious constructions site accidents, authorities will work to piece together what happened and determine what steps can be taken to avoid similar incidents in the future.

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