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February 2013 Archives

Accident involving saw leaves North Carolina worker dead

While there is no such thing as a "good" work accident there are most definitely some accidents that have better outcomes than others. When it comes to industrial accidents, it is not uncommon for the end result to be catastrophic. In the worst cases, it may lead to death.

Chemotherapy drugs can prove hazardous to health care providers

While caring for, and in some cases, saving the lives of the patients for whom they are caring for, health care providers throughout the nation, including North Carolina, face hazards other types of workers can't even imagine. One such group of individuals is those who provide cancer drugs to patients. Not surprisingly chemotherapy drugs can lead to health issues to those who are not patients but are exposed to the drugs on a regular basis. Among other things these issues include fertility problems and rashes.

Dust more than just a mess in industrial workplaces

There are many factors that contribute to a dangerous industrial workplace. In addition to heavy equipment made up of multiple moving parts, by-products of the items being manufactured can pose problems as well. An issue that affects many industrial plants, undoubtedly including some in the state of North Carolina, is the presence of dust.

Commission in charge of state's workers' compensation to change

Workers throughout the state of North Carolina expect to be able to do their job each day without suffering an injury. Because this does not always happen however, most businesses in the state are required to purchase a workers' compensation insurance policy. When a worker is hurt while doing something in conjunction with his or her job, that individual may decide to seek benefits via a workers' compensation claim. There are many instances in which this may be appropriate including situations where a worker must miss work to recover from an injury. In some cases such benefits are vital to keep a worker from financial ruin.

Woman awarded compensation for lunch break fall injury

When a worker in the state of North Carolina is injured on the job, it may be possible for the injured worker to seek benefits via a workers' compensation claim. There are many reasons these claims are not automatically accepted however. One of those reasons is the determination that the injury occurred while the worker was doing something outside the scope of his or her job. The North Carolina Court of Appeals recently ruled on this very topic.

Ex-NFL players go out of state for workers' compensation

Now that the Super Bowl is in the history books, most people are turning their attention to other things. Workers' compensation advocates, however, still have their attention firmly fixed on the NFL. The league's shaky safety record, which has been called into question in recent years, has led to a number of players requesting workers' compensation.

Fatal mining accidents hit rock bottom in 2012

The federal Mine Safety and Health Administration released its 2012 review of mining accidents a few days ago, and it looks as if the agency's renewed focus on safety has paid off. Just one shy of 2009's record low number of mine workers killed on the job, 36 miners died last year in coal, metal and nonmetal mines. One of those deaths was here in North Carolina.

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