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Will virtual training reduce forklift accidents in North Carolina?

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2013 | Firm News, Industrial Workers' Accidents

No one gets up in the morning and heads to work thinking that he or she will be hurt while completing a task in connection with their job. Nonetheless, this does happen regularly in the state of North Carolina. Depending on one’s occupation, the injuries incurred can be serious. Most employers know that training is a vital component to maintaining a safe workplace. Accordingly, in many settings they are commonplace.

One location where training is very important is for those who work in warehouses. Many positions at these types of locations involve moving large objects from one place to another, often through the use of a forklift. When an accident involving one of these vehicles occurs the outcome can be serious worker injuries.

It is likely that training on how to operate a forklift is likely standard in most warehouse settings. Historically, trainings have been similar to what individuals go through to obtain a driver’s license. It focused on several components including time spent in a classroom, watching videos, watching forklifts in use and actual time behind the wheel of the forklift. Recently however a new forklift training method was developed.

The new training procedure incorporates the latest technologies and utilizes a 3D forklift simulator to provide virtual training. The tools used in the training are similar to what is used in many gaming systems-joysticks, steering wheels and pedal. The simulator provides training in scenarios that are often some of the most dangerous.

The idea behind the new training program is that its use will reduce the number of accidents and deaths that occur as a result of forklift accidents. Most North Carolina warehouse workers would likely agree that it is a good idea.

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