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No violations in North Carolina accident that injured worker

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2013 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation

When a work accident results in injury or death, state or federal investigators usually step in to determine if there were any safety violations. Occupational Safety and Health Administration officials in its North Carolina Division wrapped up an investigation recently while an injured worker recovers from a well-drilling accident that occurred in July. The investigation did not turn up any violations.

According to reports, the man was using a drilling rig when a hose burst away from it and hit him in the face. The impact threw him back against some metal pipes. He sustained some swelling and fractured facial bones, and was rushed to a nearby hospital for emergency surgery. The injured worker is now undergoing rehabilitation and making steady progress with his recovery. 

State investigators determined that there were no violations of North Carolina health and safety codes and closed their investigation. No citations were issued against the company. According to reports, the well drilling operation continues and the man is anxious to resume his work.

When it comes to workplace accidents, North Carolina is a ‘no fault’ state. This means that regardless of who is deemed to be negligent for the accident, the injured worker is likely entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can make a world of difference when someone is recovering from injuries and unable to work. Eligible workers may receive compensation for lost wages and medical expenses as long as they follow certain criteria when it comes to their medical care and rehabilitation. It may be beneficial for an injured worker to learn more about the workers’ compensation laws in our state as he or she applies for benefits.

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