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Injuries common for dancers on popular reality program

On Behalf of | May 17, 2013 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries

Viewers throughout the nation, including in North Carolina, look forward to tuning in each week to the hit reality program “Dancing With the Stars.” While many likely think about the show strictly as entertainment, the reality is the stage the stars and their partners dance on each week is a workplace. So too is the studio in which they practice.

Safety became an issue earlier this week when dance pro Karina Smirnoff spent time in the hospital as a result of an injury she suffered while practicing. She reportedly fell and landed on her jaw. The previous week, fellow dance professional Mark Ballas, injured his lower back when he compressed two discs. Throughout the seasons many of the stars have been injured as well.

Some believe that training in techniques that could prevent injuries should be taught to both the professional dancers and the stars as well. A couple of classically trained dancers who were approached by a producer for the show reportedly offered their services in that capacity only to ultimately be turned down.

While in many cases safety programs that could reduce the number of injured workers fall to the wayside due to a lack of funding for training, one source reports that in this particular case funding is not an issue. Instead, the decision to not take the couple up on their offer is reportedly one that was made by the professionals on the show who are charged with teaching their star partners how to dance.

As this reflects, workers in virtually any occupation can suffer injuries while working. In many cases when this happens workers’ compensation benefits are available.

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