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How truck driving can cause shoulder injuries

On Behalf of | May 2, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Truck drivers have an interesting job. They have job security, competitive salary, an independent work structure and the chance to explore the country.  Research shows that they can work up to 11 hours before stopping for 10 consecutive hours.

Most companies have reliable structures that allow drivers to take breaks within the 11-hour work period, but some don’t. Accordingly, a driver is likely to have shoulder injuries. Here’s how this can happen:


Trucks vibrate when they are moving. These vibrations can be felt on the steering wheel, which means they affect the hands, arms and shoulders. After a prolonged driving session, a driver may feel pain in these body parts.

Repetitive motion 

Driving for many hours means a driver is repeating the same actions. With time, their shoulder’s muscles, tendons and ligaments may strain, leading to pain, which may stem from tearing or inflammation. 

Additional tasks

Additional tasks can injure a driver’s shoulders. For instance, if they realize a load is not well secured, they may have to do so. They will lift the box, which may be heavy, and secure them using tools that can be challenging to use.

Climbing into the cab

Truck drivers who depend on their arms and shoulders to pull themselves into the cab may injure their shoulders with time. 

What should companies do?

Trucking companies should ensure drivers take frequent breaks during their shifts. It will also help to be strict with loaders to avoid giving drivers additional work. Further, a company should train drivers in the safest ways to get into the cab, for instance, using the core and leg strength to provide upward motion or using assistive devices, like handrails, that make it easier for them to climb.

If you are a truck driver injured while in the line of duty, you should consider your options to protect your rights.