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Neck injuries in a rear-end collision

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

More neck injuries occur due to vehicle accidents than for any other reason in the US. They make up 90% of all injuries suffered in rear-end collisions. While vehicle crash injuries that involve a lot of blood tend to catch people’s attention, sometimes the things you cannot see have the most catastrophic effect.

The reason neck injuries can be so damaging is that the neck carries the spinal cord. Every action your body performs is made possible by electrical signals that pass between your brain and the rest of your body. If you damage any part of your neck, there is a chance you will damage the spinal cord that runs through it and carries those electrical messages.

When a car hits you from behind, it can cause your head to be thrown forward with force, placing excessive strain on your neck and causing damage. These are some of the types of neck injuries that could occur:

  • Soft tissue injury: A crash can overstretch and tear the muscles and ligaments that support your neck. The result could be lifelong neck pain.
  • Bone injuries: You have seven bones in your neck called vertebrae. These can fracture or jump out of place. The spinal cord runs through them, so if they move, they could easily damage it.
  • Spinal cord injury: If pinched or compressed above your third vertebrae, it could be fatal. If you damage it lower down, you may well end up with paralysis below the site of injury. You may need lifelong help to move around and carry out simple tasks.

The severity of a neck injury is not always immediately apparent. If you have a rear-end collision, ensure you get checked out by a medical practitioner. Seek legal help when dealing with the insurance company. If you discover your sore neck is a more severe injury, you could be facing considerable costs and changes to your life. An attorney can show you how to get fair compensation for your losses.

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