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Common road construction work injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2021 | Construction Workers' Accidents

Greensboro roads get a lot of action as companies flock to the area to set up shop. In addition, the constant flow of traffic from travelers passing through the city leaves our highways in need of regular maintenance.

If you work in the road construction sector, you don’t likely need anyone telling you that your job is dangerous. Here are some of the common injury risks you face. 

Motorists collide with road construction workers

You’ll likely see signs warning you to slow down and that there are enhanced fines for speeding in road construction zones. Some motorists may still miss these bright colored signs (or simply ignore them).

Drivers who don’t heed the warning to slow down often find themselves unable to adjust their speed for lane shifts and uneven pavement. This can then cause  them to crash into road construction zones.

Other road construction occupational hazards

The threat of a motorist crashing into a road construction worker is real. There are other events that can cause victims disabling injuries and illnesses and even result in their deaths, including:

  • Heavy equipment accidents:  Excavators, bucket and dump trucks, rollers and bulldozers are commonplace at road construction sites. All of these have the potential to malfunction due to poor maintenance or bad design. A worker without proper training in using this equipment may also unintentionally cause injuries.
  • Toxic exposures: There are a lot of chemicals that formulate the materials used to construct or maintain highways. Repeated breathing of these harmful substances can cause future respiratory issues, burns and skin irritations.
  • Heat exhaustion: Many road construction projects take place during the hottest days of the year. Physical exertion accompanied by heat rising off the asphalt or concrete can increase the risk for heat exhaustion.

Road construction workers face many easily preventable dangers if motorists and employers take the necessary precautions to keep them safer. Fortunately, North Carolina workers’ compensation laws protect injured highway workers. Delving a bit deeper into those laws can help you understand your rights and responsibilities after an on-the-job injury.