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What to do following a swimming pool accident

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2021 | Injuries

The temperatures are warming up here in North Carolina. Kids will be out of school and looking for ways to cool off for the summer, so it’s only natural that they’ll begin flocking to swimming pools to do so. Most people don’t realize, however, how many dangers lurk at their local pools, including slip-and-fall, drowning, and other life-altering injury risks.

Do you know what steps to take if you or your child get hurt at a public swimming pool?

Initial steps to take following a swimming pool accident

One of the first things you’ll want to do immediately following an injury accident at a swimming pool is to either summon paramedics to the scene or visit a physician to check you or your child out.

If possible, try to get photos of the scene and surroundings. These may provide important documentation of the lack of safety measures at the pool. Getting the contact information from any witnesses who are available, when you can, is also wise.

Common dangers at public swimming pools

Most people worry about the prospect of a loved one drowning in a pool, yet that’s not the only danger that exists.

Someone may suffer a life-threatening infection due to a pool’s improperly treated water. Faulty wiring to a pool’s jets, lights or heating elements can result in electrocutions. Slippery or chipped tiles along a pool’s deck may result in slips and falls. Broken plastic or metal pieces inside a pool can result in cuts or puncture wounds. These are only a few of the many dangers that exist at swimming pools — which is why parents and others need to be alert for hazards.

Determining fault after a pool accident

Identifying a pool owner and the party responsible for its maintenance can be challenging. Determining liability for the accident can also be difficult. There are often pre-notification requirements that apply to government agency personal injury lawsuits that don’t apply to others. An attorney can help you sort out liability issues and lawsuit filing requirements if you plan to sue a pool owner here in Greensboro.

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