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Driver in critical collision alleges glare from the sun leads to crash

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2020 | Firm News

If there is a time of day that can be more dangerous for pedestrians and drivers, it’s when the sun is setting low in the sky. At that angle, the sun can be blinding for drivers and pedestrians alike, making it harder for them to see what’s happening around them.

This case is a terrible reminder of why reflections and sunlight can pose a threat to those on the roads. According to the news from Nov. 7, a woman, 27, was left in critical condition when she was hit by a 2012 Infinity sedan.

The driver stayed at the scene, and they reportedly claimed that they could not see the woman in the roadway. The Winston-Salem police stated that they believed the driver was temporarily blinded by the position of the sun, which meant that they could not see the pedestrian crossing the road.

Unfortunately, the pedestrian was left in critical condition and had to be rushed to Wake Forest Baptist Hospital to recover.

Drivers can prepare against glare

Drivers have a responsibility to be safe on the roads, and that includes being able to see clearly regardless of the position of the sun. It’s possible to prepare against glare by using polarized sunglasses, sun visors and even some well-placed tinting on the front windshield. Taking just a few steps to make it easier to see by adding these accessories could help prevent crashes like the one discussed above.

Pedestrians who are walking while the sun is setting should be particularly cautious. Wait for a green WALK signal or clear roads before crossing, so drivers who may be struggling to see don’t end up putting you at risk.