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Senate Bill 174 would alter state’s workers’ compensation system

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2013 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation

As anyone who has been injured while working is likely aware, obtaining the proper treatment as soon as possible is important to one’s recovery. If Senate Bill 174 becomes law injured workers in North Carolina may have to wait longer to get workers’ compensation benefits to pay for things they need to address the workplace injury.

Currently in the state of North Carolina, in order to obtain workers’ compensation benefits, the appropriate paperwork needs to be completed. Under the proposed legislation however, rather than that process a hearing before the Industrial Commission would be required. According to the chair of the workers’ compensation section for the North Carolina Association of Defense Attorneys, the change could lengthen the entire process by up to two months. The hearing would also be required in situations where a worker who previously had benefits that were ended by an employer sought to get them back.

When a worker is hurt on-the-job that individual’s life may be sent into a tailspin. This is particularly true if he or she is too injured to work and in constant pain. In situations such as this it is likely that few workers in the state of North Carolina would find the changes proposed in the legislation appealing.

Under the current workers’ compensation system many Piedmont Triad area workers may find it difficult to obtain requested benefits. In these situations many find it beneficial to work with a lawyer who handles such matters. Should Senate Bill 174 pass, it is likely the assistance of a workers’ compensation lawyer would be even more beneficial.

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