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Man dies, 7 injured, in worksite explosion

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2013 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation

Not every North Carolina resident is lucky enough to have a safe job with no worry of sustaining a serious work injury. While some types of injuries can happen even in an office job, chemical factories are a place where no safety measure can be ignored. If an employee is injured at the workplace, he or she may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim to help cover medical expenses and lost wages incurred as a result.

Recently, an incident took place at a chemical factory which resulted in one death and injured seven other people. The accident is the worst to have happened in the last 13 years at the plant. Currently, OSHA employees are looking into the incident to try and discover exactly what happened, but it has been reported that that the explosion took place while a delivery of nitrogen was being made to the facility.

The loss of the 55-year-old man who died in the accident has hit the people who work at this facility in Louisiana hard. The plant manager was close to the man who died and his family. Another employee mentioned how the incident will cause him to be more careful in his job, which he said gives him a good wage for his time, but also comes with the risk of injury or death. Such dangerous working conditions are dealt with by many people on a daily basis. This is why employers must be exceedingly cautious to limit any potential dangers, especially catastrophic explosions when volatile chemicals are present.

After sustaining a serious work injury in North Carolina and elsewhere, injured employees are typically able to file a workers’ compensation claim help cover financial expenses and medical bills resulting from the accident. Such help can be an indispensable aid to when one is no longer able to work due to disability or infirmity. Still, there is no substitute for being careful on the job and being diligent to double check that the company one works for is taking every safety measure possible. It always pays to be careful when working in a potentially hazardous workplace.

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