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Fourth truck overturns in one month on North Carolina highways

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2013 | Firm News, Industrial Workers' Accidents

People across the country rely on the ground transportation industry to provide vital goods and services. Commercial trucks travel all across North Carolina and are tasked with operating huge, powerful and heavy vehicles for stretches of several hours. Those who work as truck drivers are required to meet certain state and federal guidelines when it comes to the operation of their vehicles, but this does not always ensure that they will be able to avoid getting injured in a truck accident.

There are many concerns that truck drivers deal with on a regular basis that other motorists pay little or no attention to. For example, they must closely monitor their driving and rest schedules, weight and cargo restrictions must be followed, and they must be sure that their rigs are properly maintained. These things are all in addition to other factors that can seriously affect a trucker, such as traffic levels and road and weather conditions.

Because of all these factors, trucking accidents are unfortunately not uncommon. In fact, four truckers were involved in accidents in just one month on North Carolina highways. In all four cases, the trucks flipped over on the highway, causing serious damage and prompting officials to shut down portions of the road. Most recently, a trucker suffered minor injuries when his commercial vehicle overturned on US-52.

Officials say there may be many reasons that trucks flip over. If the weight of the cargo they are transporting shifts significantly, the truck can topple over. If weather conditions are particularly windy, a trailer can start swerving considerably and cause a truck to overturn. Speed and road conditions can also contribute to this type of accident.

In any type of trucking accident, a driver can be seriously hurt. Injuries can have a long-term effect on a person’s health and ability to continue driving. Unfortunately, pursuing compensation from third parties or workers’ compensation from employers can be a confusing process. In many cases, injured truckers can work with an attorney in order to pursue the financial support they deserve.

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