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We Guard Injured Truckers From Occupational Accident Insurance Abuses

Injured workers cost their employers money. Workers’ compensation insurance also costs employers money. Whenever possible, employers would like to get out of paying anything — especially an expensive claim involving an injured truck driver.

At the law office of Jay Gervasi, P.A., we recognize the perilous position that injured truckers can find themselves in when they are labeled independent contractors and left to fend for themselves with the occupational accident insurance company. When employers and insurance companies refuse to play fair, we fight back.

The Truth About Your Insurance, Your Employer And Your Claim

Truck accidents cause devastating injuries. The sheer size of the vehicles involved almost guarantees it. Injured truckers and their families need all the money they can get in order to rebuild their lives.

Occupational accident insurance policies are supposed to be similar to workers’ compensation, but they seldom do enough. Even though the insurance company happily took your money all that time before you were injured, you may find your medical benefits sharply limited and your financial benefits very brief.

Worse still, you may even be misclassified as an independent contractor in the first place — and both your employer and your insurance company may know it. Frequently, the insurer that sells the occupational accident insurance policy to a trucking company’s drivers is the same insurer that provides the trucking company’s official employees with workers’ comp coverage. The insurer and the trucking company just manipulate the drivers in order to shift the cost of maintaining the workers’ comp insurance away from the employer.

Neither your employer nor the insurance company is interested in advocating for your legal rights. Get an experienced lawyer who knows the games that employers and insurance companies play. Protect your interests and force the insurance company to pay what you are rightfully owed.

When An Insurance Company Acts In Bad Faith, We Know What To Do

Truckers and other workers misclassified as independent contractors often find their occupational accident insurance inadequate. Plus, insurance companies will try to delay, deny, and underpay claims whenever possible.

Attorney Jay Gervasi knows how insurance companies work. He has experience inside the industry as one of their defense attorneys, along with decades of experience fighting for the rights of the injured. He can use that experience to your advantage. He is also a board-certified specialist for workers’ compensation, which means that he knows workers’ comp laws better than the insurance companies do.

Call 336-790-0157 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation in our Greensboro, North Carolina, office today.