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Protecting The Rights Of Injured Truckers In North Carolina

Truckers endure difficult working conditions every day. The risks you face just driving a big rig or delivery truck are compounded by bad weather and poor road conditions. Many drivers of smaller vehicles either have no idea how to share the road with a truck or seem to consider it a personal challenge to pass every truck they see — even when doing so is unsafe.

If you drive for a living, the odds are high that you will eventually be in an accident through no fault of your own. When that happens, employers and insurance companies are often difficult to handle. It is only wise to seek legal representation from someone you can depend on, someone who will be on your side.

At the law firm of Jay Gervasi, P.A., we are prepared to stand up for your rights and to help you pursue the compensation you are due.

Who Is Responsible When A Truck Driver Gets Hurt In An Accident?

Truck drivers are needlessly injured all the time in preventable accidents. There are numerous possible third-party claims, depending on the circumstances behind a wreck:

  • The trucking company bears responsibility for improperly maintained vehicles, overloaded trucks and any untrained or inexperienced drivers it puts on the road.
  • Manufacturers can be held responsible for any faulty tires or brakes, or other pieces of poorly designed equipment that cause an accident.
  • The company that loaded a truck can be liable for any accidents caused by shifting cargo or cargo that was too heavy.
  • Drivers in passenger cars can be held accountable for their recklessness when distracted driving or drunk driving led to a crash.
  • Even a local or state government might be liable if a bad road or missing guardrail was a factor in the accident.

In many cases, truck drivers are told (sometimes falsely) that they are independent contractors, not employees. The truck companies know that truck accident injuries are often serious, so they try to insulate themselves as much as possible from workers’ compensation liability.

However, even as an independent contractor, you have rights — but you need to aggressively pursue them.

Talk To A Lawyer That Knows How Insurance Companies Think

Attorney Jay Gervasi has worked for insurance companies and businesses in the past. He knows how they operate. He knows exactly how much they want to avoid paying a big claim. He also knows how to use his experience and insight in a way to benefit his injured clients.

To schedule a free initial consultation, call our Greensboro office at 336-790-0157 or contact us via our online form today.