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Crash injuries don’t need to affect wages to cause financial harm

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2023 | Injuries

After a major crash, people often look for compensation to help cover their expenses. They may have lost out on multiple days of income, maybe even weeks of wages because of their injuries. They may have thousands of dollars in hospital bills and also property damage expenses.

Those who are at fault for a crash have financial liability for the wreck they’ve caused. They may need to provide insurance coverage to pay someone’s cost, and when they can’t cover those expenses with insurance, they might end up in civil court.

Lost wages are often one of the biggest contributing elements to a personal injury claim following a crash. Those directly affected by a crash need to quantify their losses and use that estimate as a baseline when negotiating with the insurance company or filing a claim in civil court. What if the person who has been hurt doesn’t work a job but provides numerous services for their family?

Homemaking services have significant value

Anyone who has tried to hire a cleaning service or a childcare provider can quickly tell you how incredibly expensive such services actually are. Families save tens of thousands of dollars annually by having a parent or other family member provide services like child care, cleaning, meal planning and cooking.

When an injury leaves a parent unable to take their children to school every day or prepare meals for the family, the household may have to absorb massive expenses. A personal injury lawsuit can potentially include the cost of someone’s lost services during the recovery or in the long-term future when their injuries will lead to permanent limitations.

Putting a price on an injury can be hard

The average person may struggle to understand the true financial impact of their injuries after a crash. It is easy to underestimate the cost when people only look at the first round of bills they get from the hospital.

Those who partner with a lawyer after a car crash will better understand the financial consequences of their injuries and will have the support that they’ll likely require to get the maximum amount of compensation possible. Recognizing the true financial effect of a recent car crash will help those who need to pursue an insurance claim or lawsuit, regardless of whether they work or not.