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Workplace safety for North Carolina residents who work alone

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2015 | Firm News, Workplace Safety

Of all the members of the North Carolina workforce, those who work alone could be at a greater risk of injury. With no co-workers or supervisors to keep an eye on these lone workers, they often cannot get help should an accident occur. Additionally, those who work alone must tackle each portion of their duties alone, increasing the chance of injury.

Those who work in solitary situations should understand that the same labor laws that cover other employees protect them as well. This means employers are obligated to provide workers with a safe work environment and coverage with workers’ compensation insurance. Even though an employee might work alone, employers should still take steps to make sure these workers are well-trained and as free from injury risk as possible.

Employees who might work alone in North Carolina include utility employees, maintenance workers, agricultural workers, communications employees (e.g. Internet and cable TV installers) and many others.Safety and Health Magazine recently published several recommended procedures employers might use to reduce the risk of injury to love workers. They include:

— Maintaining frequent communication with lone workers

— Providing emergency response training

— Creating an emergency action plan

— Establishing what is and is not permitted when working alone

— Making periodic supervisory visits to lone worker sites

— Conducting risk and safety assessments

Just like all other North Carolina employees, lone workers should feel safe and protected as they carry out their assignments. Should accident or injury occur, these workers have a right to be compensated either through employer-provided workers’ compensation or through a third party personal injury lawsuit, if applicable. Visit the website of Greensboro-based personal injury attorney to learn more about workplace safety in North Carolina.