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Scaffolding accident injures 2 North Carolina workers

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2015 | Firm News, Workplace Accidents

A project to replace the lighting in the gymnasium at the New Hanover County High School went awry last week when the scaffolding malfunctioned. News reports indicate two electricians fell during the project, resulting in injuries to both of the men. Rick Holliday, the deputy superintendent, indicated he received a call regarding the accident in the morning hours of Wednesday, July 1.

Holliday went on to report that the project had been ongoing the entire week with the work being conducted by two school maintenance workers. He reported that the work was finished at the time of the accident but workers were moving some of the gym banners so the new lighting would not be obstructed. While the workers were moving the banners, the scaffolding reportedly malfunctioned causing the two employees to fall.

After emergency medical services responded to the scene, the injured employees were taken to the New Hanover Regional Medical Center for treatment. Holliday told the media he did not know what condition the workers were in at the time of the news report, although Superintendent Tim Markley spent some time with the employees and their families at the medical center. Holliday added that the incident is under investigation.

According to OSHA, employers can reduce scaffolding accidents by complying with a general set of easily accessible safety requirements. It is the duty of employers to make certain the worksite and any equipment, such as scaffolds and ladders, meet these standards. Employees who are worried about equipment safety can also use OSHA’s online safety resources to make sure their employers comply with the requirements.

If an injury does occur during work, a personal injury attorney can look at your case to determine if a personal injury lawsuit is in order. Often, an injured worker can receive both workers’ compensation and additional recompense from employers, equipment manufacturers and other at-fault sources.

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