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Senate Bill 174 would alter state's workers' compensation system

As anyone who has been injured while working is likely aware, obtaining the proper treatment as soon as possible is important to one's recovery. If Senate Bill 174 becomes law injured workers in North Carolina may have to wait longer to get workers' compensation benefits to pay for things they need to address the workplace injury.

Excessive use of opioids by injured workers a national problem

When a work accident leaves a North Carolina worker with an injury that makes it impossible to do one's job, it is highly likely that the injured worker will seek workers' compensation benefits. Among other things, the benefits serve to alleviate the financial burden that accumulates as that person heals. Workers who receive workers' compensation benefits are unable to immediately return to their job after suffering an injury related to their job are often in a lot of pain.

Construction worker injured on the job

Imagine that you are working, as you do every day. All of a sudden, something goes wrong. One moment you are just doing your job, and all of a sudden, you are struck by scaffolding. This sounds a bit dramatic, but it happened to a construction worker in another state.

North Carolina flour mill site of explosion that injured worker

There are certain types of workplace activities that prompt the federal government to conduct investigations. One of those incidents apparently occurred earlier this month at a flour mill in North Carolina. The incident was an explosion that resulted in an injured worker. Such an occurrence may happen at workplaces in which combustible dust is present.

Benefits to intoxicated woman hurt at North Carolina conference

There are many circumstances under which a worker in the state of North Carolina could seek and successfully obtain workers' compensation benefits. Instances leading to injuries need not occur at the actual place of employment. Recently the North Carolina Court of Appeals determined that a woman, who was injured at an off-site sales meeting, where alcohol was being served, was eligible to receive the benefits.

School employee shot in the leg during handgun safety class

The tragic school shooting that occurred last December was the latest in a series of violent events to take place in American schools. No matter which side of the gun debate you find yourself on, every parent in North Carolina and across the country agrees that something must be done to keep our children safe.

Commission in charge of state's workers' compensation to change

Workers throughout the state of North Carolina expect to be able to do their job each day without suffering an injury. Because this does not always happen however, most businesses in the state are required to purchase a workers' compensation insurance policy. When a worker is hurt while doing something in conjunction with his or her job, that individual may decide to seek benefits via a workers' compensation claim. There are many instances in which this may be appropriate including situations where a worker must miss work to recover from an injury. In some cases such benefits are vital to keep a worker from financial ruin.

Woman awarded compensation for lunch break fall injury

When a worker in the state of North Carolina is injured on the job, it may be possible for the injured worker to seek benefits via a workers' compensation claim. There are many reasons these claims are not automatically accepted however. One of those reasons is the determination that the injury occurred while the worker was doing something outside the scope of his or her job. The North Carolina Court of Appeals recently ruled on this very topic.

Ex-NFL players go out of state for workers' compensation

Now that the Super Bowl is in the history books, most people are turning their attention to other things. Workers' compensation advocates, however, still have their attention firmly fixed on the NFL. The league's shaky safety record, which has been called into question in recent years, has led to a number of players requesting workers' compensation.

OSHA nails pasta manufacturer for hazardous workplace

With an increase in legal savvy among workers there has also come an increase in workplace safety and regulations. However, sometimes companies fail to adhere to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration's (OSHA) recommendations and guidelines, or find it difficult to keep up with those regulations.

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