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Could smartphone apps be effective at improving workplace safety?

Considering how often we're reminded not to use our phones at work, it may come as a surprise that certain smartphone apps are actually welcome in the workplace. In fact, mobile apps were among the hottest topics at a recent conference for environmental, health and safety professionals. The topic was so important to the folks at the American Society of Safety Engineers that its national director of compliance programs performed an exhaustive review of what's currently available and published a list of the Top 10 most valuable safety apps:

Furniture builders in North Carolina suffer illness in workplace

Furniture manufacture is one of the industries in the state of North Carolina that employs many people. While it provides a good living for many, workers could experience an unintended side effect. Some who are exposed over a long period of time to the chemical n-propyl bromide, also known as nPB, are suffering from neurological damage. The chemical is found in the glue used to attach foam cushions.

Following Sandy, mold is in the air

Hurricane Sandy left an enormous path of destruction in its wake when it hit the East Coast in November. However, one of its most dangerous remnants may be difficult to see and find. Mold has begun to take over the buildings of East Coast cities and cause many illnesses across the devastated areas.

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