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Workers can face dangerous conditions while working outside

Anyone who works during the summer months could be impacted by heat and humidity. Employers in North Carolina must take steps to mitigate as many risks as possible to keep their workers safe. One of the key risks to watch out for is dehydration. The body tends to lose water at a faster rate when it is hot and humid outside. Therefore, it is essential for workers to drink plenty of water or any other hydrating beverage.

Worker safety is crucial around loading docks

Loading docks are places where workers will routinely load and unload a variety of heavy or otherwise hazardous materials. Therefore, it is important that measures are taken to ensure their safety at all times. It may be a good idea for companies in North Carolina to make sure that wheel chocks are available whenever items are being offloaded. These devices are designed to ensure that wheels cannot slip or otherwise move while this is happening.

New NFPA rule aims to create safer workplaces

OSHA safety codes are designed to prevent workplace accidents in North Carolina and throughout the country. These rules normally focus on a specific task per rule, such as the height of an electrical outlet from the floor. But a new rule takes a more comprehensive approach to the workplace.

Simple steps may reduce electrical accidents at work

Employers in North Carolina should make sure that their electrical systems are working properly. If not, employees could incur catastrophic injuries, some of which could be fatal. A lack of proper grounding or bonding systems could also result in downtime concerns that could put companies at a competitive disadvantage. If the downtime occurs in a 911 call center or other emergency facility, it could put the entire community at risk. To prevent this from happening, it is important to comply with the National Electrical Code.

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