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SPX conducts training to limit work-related injuries

SPX Transformer Solutions, Inc. will be conducting its annual safety training in North Carolina this year. One of the things they will be focusing on is training for confined spaces in order to limit work-related injuries for both workers and rescuers. This type of training is crucial since accidents in confined spaces often lead to several people being injured.

Explosion entitles 79 to workers' compensation benefits

There seems to be a rash of chemical plant explosions lately. Although they're not related, it may be something akin to the strange phenomenon of airplane crashes coming in two's and three's, as we've often seen in the past. The recent explosion and ensuing fire was at a chemical plant in another state. The last report was that two people were dead and 77 injured. If they're all workers, in North Carolina or anywhere else that would come to 79 cases of workers' compensation benefits.

Explosion at fertilizer plant injures many, kills 12

Workplaces accidents can happen at virtually any workplace, at any time, including the state of North Carolina. The size and number of workers injured depend on a variety of situations including the type of workplace. Last week an industrial accident that made news across the county occurred in another state. The incident resulted in at least 12 deaths. In addition, more than 200 individuals were injured in the incident.

Fourth truck overturns in one month on North Carolina highways

People across the country rely on the ground transportation industry to provide vital goods and services. Commercial trucks travel all across North Carolina and are tasked with operating huge, powerful and heavy vehicles for stretches of several hours. Those who work as truck drivers are required to meet certain state and federal guidelines when it comes to the operation of their vehicles, but this does not always ensure that they will be able to avoid getting injured in a truck accident.

Furniture builders in North Carolina suffer illness in workplace

Furniture manufacture is one of the industries in the state of North Carolina that employs many people. While it provides a good living for many, workers could experience an unintended side effect. Some who are exposed over a long period of time to the chemical n-propyl bromide, also known as nPB, are suffering from neurological damage. The chemical is found in the glue used to attach foam cushions.

Will virtual training reduce forklift accidents in North Carolina?

No one gets up in the morning and heads to work thinking that he or she will be hurt while completing a task in connection with their job. Nonetheless, this does happen regularly in the state of North Carolina. Depending on one's occupation, the injuries incurred can be serious. Most employers know that training is a vital component to maintaining a safe workplace. Accordingly, in many settings they are commonplace.

Accident involving saw leaves North Carolina worker dead

While there is no such thing as a "good" work accident there are most definitely some accidents that have better outcomes than others. When it comes to industrial accidents, it is not uncommon for the end result to be catastrophic. In the worst cases, it may lead to death.

Dust more than just a mess in industrial workplaces

There are many factors that contribute to a dangerous industrial workplace. In addition to heavy equipment made up of multiple moving parts, by-products of the items being manufactured can pose problems as well. An issue that affects many industrial plants, undoubtedly including some in the state of North Carolina, is the presence of dust.

North Carolina sees decline in workplace fatalities for 2012

Good news just surfaced for those working in high-risk industries in North Carolina. According to the state Department of Labor, North Carolina once again cracked the top ten in safest states in which to work in the United States for 2012. Even better, the state dropped its workplace-related fatality total by 34 percent from 53 deaths in 2011 to 35 during 2012.

Landfill accident's initial ruling thrown out

At the ripe young age of 24, most think they are invincible and look at life and the future as full of endless possibility. For one young North Carolina man, those possibilities ended when he was involved in an accident at a landfill where he was working as a temporary employee back in 2010.

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