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Warehouse workers should be aware of these risks

On Behalf of | May 25, 2023 | Industrial Workers' Accidents

Even before the rise in delivery to consumer doors, warehouses provided work for many people. Now they provide jobs for even more. As with any job, they are not risk-free, and one workplace accident could damage your ability to make a living, either temporarily or for good.

Employers must make their employees aware of the particular dangers they will face while working. Here are some they should tell you about if you work in a warehouse:


Whether it’s forklifts or delivery trucks, vehicles are crucial to the functioning of warehouses. Yet, vehicles and people on foot do not mix well. Employers must designate clear routes for both pedestrians and drivers that avoid each other wherever possible. Vehicles should have sounds that alert workers to their presence and drivers must be properly trained.


Machines have replaced humans in many aspects of warehouse work, yet they’ve not done so entirely. The intersection between the two presents a grave danger for workers, so once again, employers must take adequate steps to protect their safety. This can include making certain there are guards on machines, certain “no-go” areas for humans and secure power cut-off options for those who need to clean or repair machines.


Some warehouses have a reputation for overworking their workers and refusing to give them adequate breaks. Drinking and eating are crucial, as is rest, and tiredness makes injury more likely. Long-term work in warehouses also presents the possibility of repetitive strain injuries which can last for years.

Workers’ compensation should be available if you suffer injury due to any of the factors above, yet you may need legal help to get the full amount you are entitled to receive. If your workers’ comp claim isn’t producing results, it may be time to learn more.