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Retail work, long hours and lower back pain

On Behalf of | May 29, 2023 | Workplace Injuries

Some workers stand for prolonged hours, and a good example is retail workers. They move around aisles, helping customers find payments, processing their payments and answering questions, among other duties. Hence, they have to stand for extended periods. 

This can easily lead to lower back pain for a lot of retail workers — even young ones. Here is how this can happen:

Stress on the back muscles

When you stand for prolonged hours, your lower back pain will be stressed. This can strain the muscles, resulting in pain. Additionally, when your back is stressed, your lumbar vertebrae may experience pressure, hence the pain.

Inflammation in the spine

Each vertebra in the back is separated by discs filled with jelly, which act as a cushion. Standing for too long can inflame these discs and cause wear and tear. Further, standing for prolonged hours may also inflame the veins in your spine, making them immobilized.

Factors that worsen the condition

While you may get back pain from standing for too long, some factors can worsen it. These include: 

  • Poor posture 
  • Being inactive after work 
  • Poor mattress 

Your employer should provide a reliable schedule that allows you to rest. They should also permit you to sit when customers are not around. However, managing the factors mentioned above can also help you.

Unfortunately, back pain has been normalized among retail workers as “part of the job,” but this is simply not true. If you’ve started to suffer work-related back pain because you’re required to stay standing for long stretches of time, you have every right to seek workers’ compensation.