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How Do I Report A Work Injury In North Carolina?

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2023 | Workplace Injuries

If you get hurt on the job, one of the first steps you’ll typically need to take is to report the issue to your employer. Proper reporting is crucial so that your employer can notify any safety organizations about the issue and make sure the company maintains any records it needs, such as security camera footage that may otherwise end up deleted.

Making a report is also crucial if you need to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. These are the primary steps you need to take to properly report an injury on the job in North Carolina.

Notify your team lead, supervisor or manager

As soon as an incident on the job leaves you hurt at work, your will typically want to notify management about the situation. Reporting to a direct supervisor is standard practice at most businesses. However, your employer may specifically provide instructions for an alternate reporting system, such as going through an internal health center or contacting human resources.

You should make sure that you follow your company’s policy in addition to telling your supervisors. Those who work with you need to know because you need to seek out a medical evaluation and must, therefore, leave before finishing your shift.

Tell a medical provider about your claim

Even if you have not yet initiated a workers’ compensation benefits claim, it is usually best to communicate the origin of your injury with healthcare providers overseeing your treatment. They can ensure that they include the right details in their records that will facilitate direct billing for a workers’ compensation claim.

After they evaluate you, it will also be important that you abide by their recommendations throughout your treatment. Otherwise, insurance adjusters may try to blame you for your failure to improve and your need for ongoing wage replacement or medical treatment.

Provide written notice to your employer

After a diagnosis of a medical condition related to your employment, you have 30 days to formally notify your employer. Those hospitalized may want to ask a family member or coworker to communicate such notice to the company on their behalf, as delays could potentially affect the right to benefits.

Learning more about the requirements for the workers’ compensation claim process will help those who get hurt on the job in North Carolina more easily complete the benefits application process. But keep in mind that injured workers can also seek legal guidance at any time as well.