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Could TBI Survivors’ Brain Cells Be Regrown And Repaired In A Lab Someday?

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2023 | Injuries

Medical researchers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. There are more therapies available for cancer than ever before, and advances in neurological science and prosthetics can help people recovering from an amputation or a spinal cord injury maintain more function than would have been possible years ago.

Brain injuries, however, have long remained a near-impossible hurdle for researchers. Despite advances in understanding neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to rewire itself), the adult brain doesn’t grow much and therefore has limited healing abilities.

Surgery and rehabilitative care can reduce the impact of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), but no real “reversal” treatment exists at this time. However, cutting-edge research has just created a new hope for those who are struggling with a TBI themselves and those who have a family member who has a brain injury.

What researchers were able to do with mice

As previously mentioned, the brain largely stops developing new tissue once the human body finishes growing. New neurons continue to develop throughout life, but the brain has a limited ability to rebuild or repair itself. Although sections of the brain do continue maturing and developing into people’s 20s, new growth and major neurological changes after that point are uncommon, to say the least.

However, what medical science knows about treating brain injuries may soon change dramatically. Researchers have been able to successfully transplant human brain tissue into living rats. The rats in the study were able to use the transplanted neuron tissue. The transplanted tissue ended up integrating into the rats’ brains, receiving blood supply and cooperating with the pre-existing brain tissue. This advancement could provide hope for countless individuals impacted by TBIs.

Cutting-edge care requires financial support

Those hoping to undergo brand new, experimental treatments or to help their loved ones get such care often learn that there is a financial barrier to such treatment. Insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits are ways for individuals with brain injuries or their caregiving family members to seek financial compensation that could potentially help secure the best care possible.

Learning more about medical advances and personal injury claims can help those adjusting to life after a brain injury. As can seeking legal guidance from a professional.