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Treatment For On-The-Job Knee Injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2022 | Workplace Injuries

There are many ways you could injure your knee at work. You could do so in a vehicle crash by lifting something heavy, a fall, an accident with a power tool, something striking your knee or more. It can also happen due to the daily strain your job puts on your body.

If something is up with your knee, the first thing to do is see a doctor. They will poke and prod for pain, check the mobility and look for abnormal signs.

You may also be sent for diagnostic testing and additional care

These can include blood tests, X-rays, ultrasound, MRI scans (Magnetic resonance imaging) and CT scans (computerized tomography).

Once they think they understand the problem, they could recommend one of several treatments, including:

  • Medication: Some knee problems can be treated with drugs, while others require drugs to ease the pain on top of another treatment.
  • Therapy: Strengthening the knee may help you overcome your issues. Or you might need to take therapy after other more invasive treatments.
  • Injections: One injection is rarely enough. Typically you need to repeat them at specified intervals. They do not so much solve your problem but help you live with it for a while.
  • Surgery: Sometimes, surgery is the only option if you want to stop worrying about your knee for good. While it can be beneficial in the long run, it will put you out of action in the short term. 

All of this will take time and money. If you can show your injury happened at work, you should be able to claim worker’s compensation to cover the treatment costs and the time off work you will need.