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What injuries are common in office settings?

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2020 | Injuries

Many industries are inherently dangerous, from construction to manufacturing to agriculture. However, you and other North Carolina residents can suffer a job-related injury or illness in any workplace setting – including those you might not expect to be hazardous. If you work in an office, you may be interested in learning about the numerous risks you can encounter at work each day.

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine has compiled a list of the most common injuries you may sustain working in an office setting. These include the following:

  • Falling, the top cause of job injuries in an office
  • Being struck by a flying or falling object
  • Hitting your head on a stationary object, such as a cabinet
  • Hurting your back from improper lifting or reaching
  • Developing repetitive movement injuries from typing or operating office equipment
  • Straining your eyes from the glare of a computer screen

It is also possible to get sick from an illness, such as norovirus or pneumonia, that spreads through the office building. Respiratory illnesses that are easily spread can cause people to miss significant amounts of work, especially those whose immune systems are compromised. Cleaning solvents, photocopier chemicals and other solutions commonly found in the office may also injure you or make you sick if you suffer an overexposure to these chemicals.

You may protect yourself and others in the office by observing safety standards and correcting hazards that you see in the workplace. However, if you are injured or become ill from a work-related incident, you are entitled to seek workers’ compensation. The information provided in this blog is meant to educate without replacing the advice of a lawyer.