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Crane worksite safety guide

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2020 | Construction Workers' Accidents

Working on or around cranes in North Carolina construction sites requires special training or safety preparations. It is essential that all workers follow the appropriate safety guidelines in order to reduce the likelihood of accidental injury.

 General crane safety tips

 Stevenson Crane notes that workers should read over any safety cards or checklists before operating a crane, and ensure that every item on those checklists is attended to. It is important not to rush through operations with such a massive piece of machinery, so supervisors should schedule enough time for things to be done right.

 While the crane is operating, workers should not be working underneath the load. Even with this precaution being taken, it is still important to inspect the crane and the fastening of the load before setting it in motion. Also, the only workers who should be operating the crane are those who have been trained and certified to do so.

 Topics employees should be trained on

 All supervisors should ensure that their employees are trained on the key topics stated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. One of these is the list of requirements for equipment maintenance and inspection.

 Workers should also be educated about safe rigging practices to ensure that loads are secured properly. In addition to the proper rigging of loads, those loading and operating the crane should be aware of the machine’s load limits. Finally, there should be a set of equipment operator instructions that every crane operator is made privy to.