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The causes of workplace accidents that can be prevented

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2016 | Firm News, Workplace Accidents

There are several causes of workplace accidents. These common causes result in a number of injuries and deaths each year, but the most tragic part is that they can be prevented. Here are three of the most common that you can avoid.

The first cause is unsafe lifting. Employees who lift objects wrong or objects that are too heavy may tear, sprain or strain their muscles. This could lead to the need for surgery or result in torn ligaments that no longer function correctly, leaving you in pain.

Another issue is dehydration, which is particularly prominent in hot locations or workplaces. On particularly hot days, dehydration can result in heat stroke or cardiac problems that could lead to death; it’s important for workers to have appropriate breaks and to drink regularly throughout the day. Safe workplaces encourage hydration and rest and take anyone showing signs of dehydration off the job immediately. If your boss won’t allow you to drink enough and you fall ill, you could file a workers’ compensation claim against him or her.

Fatigue is another serious risk in the workplace that can lead to accidents. If you’ve ever driven tired or tried to work when you weren’t quite awake, you know that it’s easy to make mistakes that threaten you and others. Make sure that you get a good night of sleep before work, and if you’re too tired to work, say so. It’s better for an employee to get a 20-minute nap than for one to cause a workplace accident that results in a disability or death.

In all these cases, it’s possible to prevent the causes that could lead to an accident. Stay vigilant and work, and report any hazards or actions that could lead to injury.

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