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Common workplace accidents occurring in the construction industry

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2016 | Firm News, Workplace Accidents

Many construction sites in North Carolina are dangerous places. This is why personal protective equipment like hard hats and safety glasses exist. However, even with the proper use of safety equipment, workplace accidents can and do occur. It is safe to say that most construction companies strive to keep their workers safe, but unforeseen safety hazards may still be present. This blog post will examine some of the most common workplace accidents that could lead to serious injury. Hopefully, this information will help reduce injuries by keeping workers and supervisors aware of the dangers.

Falling is one of the most frequent workplace accidents in the construction industry. Working at elevated heights puts workers at particular risk for this kind of accident. Using safety equipment and avoiding complacency can reduce falling accidents.

Falling tools and construction-related debris can also cause serious injury at construction sites. Even small objects can become deadly when they fall from high places and strike a worker. Hard hats are crucial in preventing or reducing falling object accidents.

Construction workers are also at risk of being injured in explosions and fires. Common reasons these incidents occur include exposed wires, flammable materials and chemicals and leaky pipes. Stay on the lookout for early indicators of fires and explosions.

Often, the equipment construction workers rely on can cause injuries. Examples of these kinds of workplace accidents include nail gun misfires and faulty heavy equipment. Proper maintenance and equipment inspections can go a long way towards reducing equipment-related workplace accidents.

While construction in North Carolina is safer than ever before, it takes vigilance on the part of everyone to reduce risks as much as possible. Workers should take comfort in knowing that workers’ compensation is available if injury does occur and a lawyer can help get the process started.

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