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Worker killed when electrocuted on boom truck

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2016 | Firm News, Workplace Accidents

When you work on electrical lines or in other dangerous circumstances, you have to be careful not to be hurt. There are typically processes in place that help prevent injuries, but not all accidents can be avoided. If you are hurt and survive an incident, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation; if you’re killed, it’s your family who should be entitled to benefits.

Take for instance this case of an employee who was killed when he was fatally electrocuted in Anson County. This accident took place when the boom truck the man was on hit the power line. The worker had been holding a hook used to remove mats when the boom came into contact with the electrical wire and led to the worker’s electrocution.

After an accident like this one, the Occupational Safety and Health Division must be contacted for an investigation at the scene. The OSHD then reviews what happened at the scene and determines if there were any regulations broken or safety concerns to bring up to the company.

When a worker is killed in an accident, the OSHD’s report may help them finalize claims for workers’ compensation. They may need this report along with other information, like the bills or expenses accrued due to their loved one’s death. If a worker survives an incident like this one, then he or she is able to receive workers’ compensation in most cases; if the claim is denied for any reason, then the worker has a right to appeal the denial with help from their attorneys and the right documentation to prove the accident was work related.

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