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Man pinned in lift accident suffered injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2016 | Firm News, Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents, in most cases, can be prevented with stringent rules on safety and steps to make sure everyone working knows what to do if hazards are seen. When workplaces are educated in safety techniques, it’s less likely for workers to be injured. If you’re hurt due to the carelessness of a coworker or as a result of malfunctioning machinery, you could be in a position to obtain workers’ compensation, because getting hurt on the job shouldn’t happen.

A Port of Wilmington employee who was hurt during an accident is now part of an investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, since he was pinned in an odd lift accident. The news, updated on Feb. 7, reports that the man had been working with others who were using a lift to replace the lighting fixtures inside a building. He had been inside the lift basket, based on the story, which makes what happened next surprising.

While the team was working, the man became trapped between the guardrail of the lift basket and the fixtures. It’s not clear if he fell out of the basket or was caught on the lift while working on the fixture.

Fortunately, a spotter who was on the ground was able to override the device’s controls, bringing the man down to the ground for emergency medical treatment. The man’s injuries have not been reported to the news, but OHSA has stated that it, as part of the North Carolina Department of Labor, will be investigating what happened and if negligence was a cause of this accident.

Source: WECT 6, “Port of Wilmington employee hurt during accident, OSHA investigating,” Feb. 07, 2016

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