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Types of chemicals that can cause workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2015 | Firm News, Workplace Illnesses

Chemicals are used often in manufacturing and other such industries, and exposure to them can be very dangerous to employees. Often, short-term exposure isn’t a big issue, but employees who are exposed to these chemicals five or more days a week for years on end could develop serious diseases. Some of the most dangerous substances and chemicals include the following:

— Mercury– Brass– Arsenic– Anthrax– Zinc– Manganese– Phosphorus– Lead– Chrome– Benzol– Carbon Bisulphide– Menthanol– Radium

The results of poisoning from these substances can be long-lasting, and it can even be deadly. While far more is now known about how these substances work than was known in the past—lead poisoning used to be much more common when it was used for pipes, for example—that does not mean that workers aren’t at risk.

It is important to point out that proving a workplace illness is related to these things can be tough, and strict guidelines must sometimes be followed. For lead, for example, an employee needs to have been exposed to it for an entire month—30 days—out of the previous 12 months. Additionally, it will have to be shown that any ailments are directly connected to that exposure, and that the costs of treatment—and other financial losses—are then connected to the poisoning.

As such, workers in North Carolina need to be very aware of how the legal process works when they have been harmed by chemicals in the workplace. Only by understanding and following all of the guidelines perfectly can they put themselves in the best position to get compensation.

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