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How safe is my North Carolina industrial workplace?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2015 | Firm News, Workplace Safety

Like other places across America, the state of North Carolina takes workplace safety quite seriously. However, despite any government-sponsored laws or guidelines, not all workplaces provide a safe working environment. It is a great idea to ask questions in order to develop an understanding of how safe a work location really is, but you can also learn by paying attention to how things are done at your place of work.

Working in industrial settings carries a little more risk than working in an office or a retail setting. However, the risk is very minimal when the proper safety procedures are firmly in place. If you are new to industrial employment, here are just a few things to look for in determining if your workplace is safe.

Training and information

The authorities in a safe industrial workplace make sure all employees are well informed about the industry itself, the work environment and any risks associated with the job. This means no employee is allowed to perform work without proper training. It also means the employers provide regular ongoing safety training.

Clear safety policies

Another way employers promote safety is by providing employees with formal safety policies addressing emergencies and other topics. In best-case scenarios, these documents are posted throughout the workplace and kept up-to-date.

Well maintained safety gear

Without the proper safety gear, workplace injury risk increases. Pay attention to the gear your employer provides and look for worn parts, damage and other signs the gear may not be working properly.

Workers’ compensation insurance

Even workers in the safest environments can suffer from a workplace accident. Make sure you are covered for accidents by asking your employers if workers’ compensation insurance is provided.

If an accident does occur and you experience difficulty with your workers’ compensation claim, you should seek legal advice from a North Carolina attorney as soon as possible.

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