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North Carolina flour mill site of explosion that injured worker

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2013 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation

There are certain types of workplace activities that prompt the federal government to conduct investigations. One of those incidents apparently occurred earlier this month at a flour mill in North Carolina. The incident was an explosion that resulted in an injured worker. Such an occurrence may happen at workplaces in which combustible dust is present.

An individual employed by the state’s Occupational Safety and Health, indicated the incident occurred shortly after repairs were made to machinery located in the basement of the facility. While the repairs were being made the machinery had apparently been shut off. Once it was turned on, the explosion occurred.

The worker who was injured was taken to an area hospital for treatment. Though the specifics surrounding the man’s injuries are not known, upon arriving at the hospital, the man’s condition was reportedly characterized as “fair.”

It is possible that during the time the man needs to recover he will not have enough money to cover routine bills without a regular paycheck. This is often even more alarming when, at the same time, medical bills related to the injury continue to mount. Fortunately, most employers in the state of North Carolina must purchase workers’ compensation insurance. Benefits from this insurance are available to many injured workers via a workers’ compensation claim. These benefits are not automatic however. To obtain them, a claim must be submitted.

It is not uncommon for these claims to initially be denied. An initial denial does not mean that benefits are not available however. A lawyer who handles these types of cases may be able to help determine what needs to be done to secure workers’ compensation benefits.

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