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Construction site accident civil suit leads to $1.7M award

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2013 | Construction Workers' Accidents, Firm News

It’s no secret that construction sites can be dangerous places. When a worker is hurt at a construction site in the triad area the injuries can be serious, leading to lifelong issues and the inability to work. When a worker is injured in such a setting, he or she may be able to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. In addition, in some situations the worker may also be able to file a civil personal injury lawsuit against those whose negligence may have contributed to the incident occurring.

A construction worker from another state recently filed a personal injury lawsuit after he was injured in a construction site accident. The man was reportedly hurt several years ago when he fell approximately 25 feet from a manlift. A failure of certain components of the manlift was to blame of the fall. As a result of the incident he man broke his femur and struck his head. Following the incident the man was unconscious for a time and had to undergo surgery on his leg.

The man sued several entities alleging, among other things, that proper maintenance inspections were not being completed at the appropriate times. In addition, the manlift was reportedly being used in a way that it was not supposed to. A judgment was recently rendered regarding the matter. The injured worker was awarded a total of $1.7 million.

Of the $1.7 million, the three defendants will share in paying $1 million in compensatory damages. The remaining $700,000 is punitive damages and will only be paid by the company that owns the manlift the man was using when the incident occurred.

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