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Avoiding workplace injuries in the hospital and elsewhere

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2012 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries

It is never a good omen when the people charged with your care for treating your injuries get injured on their way to responding to your crisis. However, this occurs often enough in hospitals where response time is critical and sometimes means life or death. If injured on the way to responding though, lives may be put in jeopardy.

Due to the nature of the work and environment, these types of occurrences are unlikely to ever be completely eliminated. So, what can local Greensboro hospitals and practices such as Moses Cone Hospital do to prevent these workplace injuries and hazardous situations? Well, there are a few easy steps that hospitals (and any workplace for that matter) can take which would reduce these incidents.

The first step according to professor of medicine Dr. Goldberg is, “You need to take a good look at your workplace.” By doing so, and assigning employees to raise quality control issues, you begin to identify potential hazards and make adjustments accordingly. You can also assess where labeling may be inadequate and begin to fix those areas with visual cues that are more obvious and mark potential hazards for either the hurrying employee or meandering visitor.

Experts also agree that asking the staff to identify hazards and listening to their concerns over workplace layout and hazards is essential to reducing the likelihood of any slips, trips, and falls. After all, who knows the workplace best but those who walk and run the halls on a daily basis dealing with crisis after crisis? Your staff is your greatest resource when trying to reduce workplace hazards.

These are just a few of the steps available to hospitals and healthcare facilities that may reduce the likelihood of a workplace injury. These steps are also applicable to many other work environments.

If you find yourself in a situation where you or another you know has been injured in the workplace, please consult with an attorney who can assist you in sorting through the options available to you.

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